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The Association is open to all those who wish to support it: individuals, organizations of every type, and all nationalities. The Association works in close collaboration with the Jesuit Congregation, of which Father Angelo was a member, following its advice and directions to guarantee total correctness in spiritual, formal and economic issues, which in these areas are particularly delicate.

Recently Pope Francis established new rules for the economic management of the Saints’ causes in order to drastically reduce costs and eliminate any speculative intent.

The Association asks you to formally express your support for the opening of a canonization process for Father Angelo d’Agostino SJ, by filling in the form below, and contributing with a donation, following the instructions for this.

The Association has a file of all Supporters, allowing it to inform them on a regular basis of updates, organization of initiatives and events and management information.

We also underline the importance of contributing, not only economically, but also through the spreading of the knowledge and devotion to Father Agostino, providing any useful testimony of his work, utilizing the official Association Communication tools (website, facebook, etc.).

We thank you for the interest and sensitivity in responding to this initiative and we would like to share with you the final greetings that the Rev. Leo O’Donovan S.J., Father Angelo’s class-mate during their studies, pronounced on the sad occasion of his death:

Pray for us, dear friend. And do not let us forget that wonderful sparkle in your eyes. You spoke to us about faith, hope and love in a unique way that none of us will ever forget.
Rev. Leo O’Donovan